Can My WIFI Owner See What Websites I Visit?

Can My WIFI Owner See What Websites I Visit?

You won’t like the answer to that, but yes, your WIFI owner can see the websites you visit.

If you’re browsing HTTPS sites, then they will be able to see the website you’re browsing and sometimes also the content you’re checking out.

Supposedly, if you visit your Gmail account, the Wi-Fi administrator will sometimes only know that you have accessed Gmail since your mail requires a password that prohibits them from learning the emails you’re using.

What Gets Exposed?

Remember that aside from your browsing history, the Wi-Fi network admin can see the following details:

  • The exact moment you connect to the internet;
  • The websites you visit and their particular URLs;
  • The specific pages you start on each website;
  • How long you stayed online;
  • How long you encourage websites;

Things change when you access the HTTP website. Since there is no encryption, a wifi administrator might use a packet sniffer to reassemble your data packets.

If this happens successfully, they can see what web pages and content you browsed.

Can the wifi Provider See Your History on the Phone?

For the ones who are also using your mobile phones, wifi landlord can obtain the following:

  • Call logs – everyone you communicated to using the internet;
  • Text logs – everyone you swapped text messages by staying online
  • Actual texts– if you don’t use encrypted messaging;
  • The apps you are exercising and how much time you consume on these apps;
  • How often you use your applications.

These things are enough for cybercriminals to strike you through ransomware, phishing, or other crimes. It is pretty enough for them to be able to steal your identification or get into your financial statements.

And then there is the problem of advertisers as well. They can see what items you bought online or even the articles you are interested in but did not believe.

They can generate a profile of you using the information they collect and then bombard you with advertisements every time you use the internet without protecting a VPN.

How to Hide Scanning History from wifi Router?

Deleting your computer’s browsing records and clearing all cookies and cache is not enough to protect your browsing chronicle.

If the wifi owner has established all the right tools, they can retrieve all the data they need.

VPN-The Best Option

The only way to hide your browsing archives from a wifi router is by getting out of the wifi network. But how will you be able to equate to the internet if you get out of the network?

We suggest not a physical or literal break away from the web but a practical one.

With a (VPN) or Virtual Private Network, one can cover browsing on public wifi. When you equate to a VPN before going to a website, these two things will happen — data encryption and IP address change.

Surfshark allows a wide variety of applications that you can install on many types of devices for anonymous and secure browsing has also been associated with Surfshark vpn.

This Vpn covers Windows, Mac and Linux. It supports all sorts of mobile devices, routers, and smart TVs as well.

Other applications are compatible with Firefox, Chrome, and other known browsers.

Data Encryption: Hide Your Browsing on wifi

Everything you do on the internet converts data packets that are sent and received for the network. Wifi network administrators use tools that can prevent this data.

They can then reassemble them and see something you have been doing online. With a VPN, however, certain data packets that are being dispatched will be encrypted.

This way, it will be next to hopeless for the network admins and even your ISP to decode the encryption and see your browsing history.

Change Your IP Address-Get an IP beyond Your Wifi Provider

Aside from data encryption, the most charming feature of a VPN is its ability to modify your IP address.

Since you are growing out of the wifi network virtually, you will be assigned a different IP address that does not fit the grid.

Thus, the network admin won’t be capable of knowing who is using the new IP address.

Does VPN Block Wifi History?

VPN encrypts all your exchange inside a VPN tunnel and directs it to a VPN server outside your wifi or internet provider networks.

When VPN is “ON”, all that the wifi provider can see connects to a VPN server. All the browsing archives will be hidden from the wifi administrator.

Wifi VPN: How to Browse Privately

You can nevermore know if the network admin is looking at your browsing history. But the fact that they can, if they want to, should be enough for us to take precautionary measures.

As they say, it’s better safe than sorry, and this is true in terms of your online activities.

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