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At TechQre we are dedicated to provide opportunities to “write for us” for anyone who is keen about writing. We accept topics from tech, web and marketing.

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Ever since the evolution of digital web, blogs and websites are increasing with a rapid pace, making this one of the most lucrative business. Earlier, passionate writers had only the choice to write article in newspapers and magazine. But thanks to internet and blog sites, now writers have the opportunity to showcase their creative portfolios on the web. If you are among those passionate writers who love to showcase their work on a website with ample authority, you are at the very right place. we here at TechQre welcome creative piece of content on topics related but not limited to, “technology”, “business”, “marketing”, “b2b”, and much more. In addition to this we are always open for any new ideas from you.

Are you interested in “tech” “write for us”

Do you think you have an ultimate taste and skill in writing blog posts on the internet? Then you are at best place. TechQre is welcoming “guest posts” on “Tech” related topics. But, if you are a new writer and love to attain the skills, we suggest you to follow some top of the line blogs available online to enhance your writing skills and creativity. Reading creative pieces enhances your thinking capabilities, and that is what we want in every piece that we post.

Every piece of writing that we receive must be in-depth and researched in order to get posted on our website. Your contribution has to pass through various checkpoints before actually going live on the internet. We accept posts only that are 100% original, passes copyscape, and is 100% compliant with the latest SEO techniques.

What topics do we accept as “write for us” from “tech contribute”

If you are a writer who has intermediate to pro writing as well as research skills, we would love to work along. Your posts must be 100% unique, creative and informative that should allure and entice our audience, that’s all we want, form you.

Moreover, currently we are accepting post only from tech industry but we are not specific about the sub-categories. Also, we here at TechQre are always open to new suggestions for improvement.

Who can contribute as “Tech” “write for us”

Techqre welcomes paid and solicited tech articles and blog posts. We welcome any queries related to tech write for us. If you are interested in writing for us technology blog, tech news or just tech articles, please fill out the form below. We also encourage young entrepreneurs to find us as their companion in tech “write for us”.

Important note

  • Currently we are only taking posts from technology industry.
  • You have to carefully observe the tone and voice of the posts that matches the already posted content on our website.
  • All the payments/funds must be agreed with the editor prior to engagement.
  • Because of the larger volume of requests that we receive, our replies may take up to 3 business days. However, we will try utmost to reply ASAP.

Contact us

We do not encourage sending direct posts to us. Rather, we request you to discuss the scope and expertise with us before getting engaged with writing the main stuff. In this way we are saving your time and efforts. You can ask for any queries at admin@techqre.com

Get ready to see your posts going live. We assure you that working with us will definitely improve your writing, research and communication skills. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this awesome opportunity to write creative content with us.

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